What flavours can I have for my cakes/cupcakes?
We offer a variety of flavours and fillings for our cakes and cupcakes.

Cupcake flavours:

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Funfetti

  • Mocha Chocolate

  • Chocolate fudge

  • Cookies and Cream

  • Lemon 

  • Salted caramel

Cake flavours:

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Funfetti

  • Mocha Chocolate

  • Salted caramel

  • Lemon or Lemon and elderflower

  • Orange poppyseed

  • Vanilla and jam swirl

  • Cookies and cream

  • Carrot cake

  • Hummingbird​

  • Spiced Apple 

Fillings (for cakes only):

- Lemon/Lime curd

-  Raspberry/Strawberry jam

-  Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce

-  Fresh Berries

-  Crushed Oreos

What kind of cakes do you make for events?

Most of the cakes for events are layered cakes, these allow more people to eat the cake with a sleek design aspect. 

Can I have a price list?

Unfortunately we don't have a set price list as most of our cakes are made custom for each order. For our basic last minute cakes, you can find our prices on our online store. Other than those, everybody has a different liking for cake flavours and designs.

Our cake starting prices for custom buttercream cakes:

Extended 6" cakes- approx serve 25 coffee portions starting from - $180

Extended 8" cakes- approx serve 30-40 coffee portions starting from - $260

Extended 6" and 8" approx serve 65-70 coffee portions starting from - $450

Jersey shirts- approximately begin at $250

Toppers or special additions to a cake like flowers or donuts will cost extra.

Do I have to put a deposit for my cake?

Yes! As we are a small business, we try to avoid overbooking ourselves. We tend to plan ahead which can lead to us being out of pocket. We require a non-refundable 50% deposit on all orders as we do put a lot of time and effort into our bookings and requests. Once the deposit is made, your cake is secure. Payment of the balance is due one month prior to the delivery date. For bookings made with less than 2 weeks notice, payment must be made in full to confirm the order.

Can I cancel or reschedule my order?

If a cancellation occurs with less than a weeks notice, we cannot refund you. We may however be able to reschedule your order (minus the non-refundable 50% deposit) but the credit must be used within one order---6 month redemption for this credit.

Can you accommodate allergies/ dietary requirements other than vegan?

Everyone deserves to enjoy a piece of cake at an event. Currently all our cakes are allergy friendly, that means no eggs, dairy, soy. Minimal products of ours are made with nuts and most of our products can be made gluten free/low gluten for dietary requirements but not allergies. We can adhere to other requests but all our products are prepared in the same kitchen using the same equipment. We cannot guarantee that trace elements of these ingredients will not be present. If trace particles could cause anaphylaxis or another severe reaction, you would be safer getting your cake from a supplier that can guarantee the absence of those ingredients. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Do you deliver to me?

Most likely we do if your location is around Yass, Canberra or Queanbeyan. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

Can I pick up my cake instead of being charged for delivery?
Absolutely. We are located in Yass and can set up a time for pick up. Once an order is in your hands, Tikvahs Bakery cannot take responsibility for any damage to the cake after pick up. You are not entitled to a refund.